The Beautiful Tea Garden of Gunung Mas, Puncak

Green scenery, fresh air, peaceful, and quite atmosphere are what you can expect from this place. It is Gunung Mas agro-tourism park. Here you will see the beautiful view of the tea plantation. Unleashing the daily bustle by visiting this place is a very good idea. The tea trees grow very good on a fertile land that has an elevation of 800-1200 m above the sea level.

Gunung Mas is located in Puncak area, about 30 kilometers from the Bogor city. It can be reached by using a motorcycle or car in approximately one hour in normal condition. If traffic is bad on holiday season, it can be reached in one and a half hours driving. It is easy to find the location. If you start from Jakarta or Bogor, you will see The entrance of Gunung Mas on the right side. The entrance of this place is marked with a giant tea bottle. It is one of famous tourist attraction near Jakarta. That is why every weekend, lots of Jakarta people visiting Puncak, including Gungung Mas tea plantation. It can be done in a day tour from Jakarta.

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