Car Rental with English Speaking Driver-Guide in Jakarta, Bogor, & Bandung

Car Rental with English-Speaking Driver Guide

Whether you are on a vacation, family tour, honeymoon, or business trip; we will happy to provide a comfortable car with a friendly experienced personal driver. With our transportation service, you will tour at your own schedule, without rush.

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We are here to help you traveling around. Not only in Jakarta and West Java, we can also serve you until Pangandaran, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bromo, Ijen, etc. Read more information about us, our services, etc below. In case you are busy and don’t have time to read all content in this page, feel free to jump to any section that you need:
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About Us

We are car rental with driver-guide service based in Jakarta & Bogor, Indonesia. We have also drivers in Puncak, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and partnered with other drivers in other cities in Java.
Drivers team
We are a team consists of experienced drivers who enjoy working as drivers and guides. We enjoy to tour with our clients, share information about our cities and country as well as hearing from them about what they need on their trip.
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Our Services

We will provide a car and experienced driver for you. As your private driver and guide, we will take you from your hotel, or pick up from an airport, to go to your destinations. We will go to the most beautiful areas. Also you can ask us to bring you to wherever you want. We drive MPV car. If you come with much more people, we can provide you a bus.

Private Tours

Personalize your trip by deciding places you want to visit and visit them in a comfortable air-conditioned private car with a good private driver. The car is only for you and you can decide what you want depend on locations and time permits. We offers private tours to locations all over Java island, especially in Jakarta & West Java area. Contact us to help you create an itinerary suitable for you. Whether you come alone, come for honeymoon, come with family & friends, or come with all of your colleagues in the same company, we are willing to help you enjoy your trip.

Car with Driver for Business Travel

Jakarta is a business city and the capital of Indonesia. That’s why there are many international companies have their headquarters in Jakarta. We are ready to provide you car with professional driver to bring you to your meeting locations timely.

Bandung and Jakarta are also famous for their wholesale markets. People from Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, and other countries like to visit the markets for business purpose: they buy things cheap here and sell it again more expensive in their countries.

Airport Pick Up and Transfer

We offer transfer service by car from/to airports: Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Halim Perdanakusuma Airport Jakarta, Bandung Husein Sastranegara International Airport, and other airports. Please send us your flight code upon your arrival so we can track the flight and pick up or drop off you at the right terminal. By booking us, you make yourself hassle free of waiting for a taxi as you arrive at the airport. We will happily wait for you at the arrival gate.

Interpreting Service in English


Many people in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia cannot speak English at all. Mostly, only employees working at international companies, high starred hotels, and international restaurants can speak English well. Beside that, they cannot speak English. It is hard for tourist to communicate with local people. With us, communication is not a problem anymore. You can talk to local people who can only speak Bahasa Indonesia & local language. We will help you to interpret it.

Car Hire for Golf Holidays

Greater Jakarta (known as Jabodetabek: Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi) offers many golf courses spectacularly designed in the middle of green scenery and beautiful volcano as backdrop. Whether you are a recreational golfer or a professional golfer, you will find the perfect courses from more than 25 world case golf courses in the the Greater Jakarta where you can reach them easily from the middle of Jakarta city with us. You will never run out of choices if you play golf on courses every day for the whole month! See this article for list of golf courses in Bogor. I will write more list of courses on other cities like Jakarta, Depok & Tangerang next time.

Big Bus Rental Service with Tour Guide

Our big bus service is the best option for you if you need a vehicle for your large group. We will provide a tour guide or tour leader to accompany the group. We offer multi-day trips starting from airport and finish at the airport. The bus can accommodate 45-57 passengers. It features reclining seats, air-conditioning, tv/music, water dispenser, toilet, luggage compartment, and charger ports.
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Our Vehicles

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What We Do Not Do

We do not serve sex tourism, do not provide “lady escort”, and do not serve alcoholic beverages.

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Our Friendly and Experienced Driver Guides

Marsudi Suwarna Adi

Hello. My name is Adi. I am the founder of, the best car hire with driver service in Jakarta and surroundings. I run this service since 2012. Before run this driver service, I lived, studied, and worked in Central Java, Jakarta, and West Java area. During that time, I liked to travel around. My passions are travel, nature, art, book, design, internet, etc. With these passions and experiences I have, I confident to build this service and provide you a nice trip experience.

Photos of Adi, a professional driver guide, with his clients

Clients Talk About Adi


To Adi. Thank you very much for making our trip to Indonesia so enjoyable and for many happy memories. You have so much knowledge. We very much appreciate your safe driving and caring and good manners. We will recommend your services.

Kay & Ron (Canberra, Australia)
Hi Adi, we have arrived home safely. Thank you once again for your excellent service, we all had a safe and wonderful trip in Indonesia. Eunice Lee (Malaysia)
I loved my “birdseye view” of Jakarta 🙂 Adi, Thank you for showing me Jakarta! Your guidance was very much appreciated. And your driving skills are top notch! Terima kasih. Amber Johnson (USA)


I am Warno, your personal chauffeur and guide in Jakarta and Java. My pleasure is to help you and your family/group experience as good as possible. Driving in Jakarta and surrounding areas is not easy because of busy traffic. My commitment is to drive safely and use the best routes to reach your destinations and help you to get a wonderful trip.

Warno, a driver guide on Java island

Clients Talk About Warno


Thanks Mr. Adi for sending Warno with me. He is now my good friend! We had a wonderful 3 days and he’s a good driver for your guests. Thanks for providing a great service 🙂

Raymond Murphy (USA)
Hi Adi, Just wanted to say how fantastic Warno was, who drove us to the Taman Safari Park on Tuesday. Thank you for a great service, and have a great new year. Marc Watkins (Australia)
Thank you for organizing our trip. We had a great day and Warno is a really good driver! The best driver we had during our 4 weeks traveling through Java. Leandra (Switzerland)
Hello Adi, This is to let you know that we enjoyed the trip to Java very much, it was in excess of our expectations, not the least due to your driver/ guide Warno. Warno is an excellent driver and guide, doing his utmost for his customers, being relaxed and calm. Now we are back in The Netherlands with a suitcase full of good memories and warm feelings for Java. We will certainly come back again to Java/ Indonesia in the future. Thanks again for arranging our trip and we are very grateful to Warno who made our trip unforgettable. Swie (Netherlands)

Budi Setyawan

My name is Budi Setyawan and I would like to invite you to visit Jakarta and West Java with me. I am an English speaking tour driver-guide. I am happy to tailor your tour to your requirements.
Budi Setyawan - Bogor Guide

Clients Talk About Budi

Hi Adi, we had a great day with Budi. He is a very good driver and a good person to spend a day with. Thanks so much. We are very happy to have him as our tour guide. Ragnar (Germany)
Budi was great – helpful and warm, my friends were very happy!! Thanks. Arthi (India)

Indra Supandi

Hello, I’m Indra. I’m a Jakarta native driver-guide who love to travel around the city and outside area, and like to communicate with my guests to introduce my city. Come and enjoy Jakarta 🙂

Indra, a professional Jakarta driver guide

Kiki Gunawan

Clients Talk About Kiki

Hi, Kiki has sent us to Bandung. Thank you for intro me. He is a nice driver with superb skill, very gentle n helpful. These 3 days we have fun with him. Vong (Malaysia)
Thank you. Trip with Kiki was very good. Safari park is amazing. Olavi-Jüri (Estonia)
Kiki was a wonderful driver and took great care of us for our trip to Taman Safari. He was very patient with my wife’s constant requests to stop for photos. I will be contacting you for any clients that need a driver in Jakarta. Thank you for all your help. Randy Hilliard (USA)
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Why Hire US?

Rent a car with driver and guide as one service

Enjoy your trip with a pleasant driver who knows well about the area. Most of our drivers know the basic information about tourism places, but if you need more information in depth at the specific location, you can ask me to provide a tourist guide or just hire a local tourist guide at the location.

We've been providing this service for more than five years

Our English speaking drivers are not only have good experiences, but are also equipped with Google Maps on their phones to know the traffic condition and find locations if needed.

Our services are inexpensive

Because you do not need to rent a car and hire an English-speaking driver or tourist guide separately. It is not easy to find an English-speaking driver in Indonesia. We will serve you as your guide & your driver.

Don't be bothered by looking for some public transportation

We will pick you up from your hotel or airport with a comfortable car with fully air-conditioning and clean interior.

Flexibility on schedule & destination

You decide what you want in your destination with your own schedule. Or ask us to create an itinerary based on your interests, location, time permits, and traffic conditions. Time to visits are flexible, you can stay longer in a place if you want or stay shorter. Isn’t it great?

We are travelers

We drive by ourself to go around Bogor, Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Central Java, and other cities or provinces; so mainly we know our way around the region and know what tourists need in their traveling commonly.

We do not drink alcohol

Alcohol is enemy for us. Any amount of alcohol in our bloodstream can reduce our driving ability, putting you at risk and other people in danger. Alcoholic beverages are also haram/forbidden for our muslim drivers. So we prefer coffee than alcoholic drink.
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About Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital, the largest city, and the most populous city of Indonesia. A city? Nope. It is a province with five administrative cities and one administrative regency lead by a governor. To make it simple, people normally assume it as a city. The province consist of Central, North, West, South and East Jakarta city, and the Thousand Islands regency. According to the 2017 official population data from Government statistic department, totally Jakarta province has population of about 10,3 millions in an area of 661,5 KM square. Can you imagine how dense is Jakarta? It has a very high population density of 15,600 people per square kilometer! No wonder if traffic is chaotic. That’s why you need us to drive you around and outside.

Jakarta old town

Jakarta is very rich in historical and cultural heritage. It was born on 22nd of June, 1527, when Fatahillah, a commander from Demak Kingdom attacked Portuguese and conquered Sunda Kelapa, an important harbor town and fish market on northwest of Java Island. Fatahillah then changed the name of the port area from Sunda Kelapa to Jayakarta, which means the glorious city. In the Dutch colonial period (started in 1619), Jan Pieterszoon Coen, the Governor General of Dutch East Indies, destroyed Jayakarta and built a town and renamed it Batavia. You can still see this town at Kota Tua (means old town). During World War II, The Dutch formally surrendered to the Japan. Batavia fell to the Japan and renamed it Jakarta, a short name of Jayakarta.


  • Jakarta is also known as "Big Durian".
    Jakarta and durians are similar. People who don't know Jakarta are like people who never know durian, it smells bad. Very smelly. But for people who know Jakarta, they will like it no matter how bad the smell is.
  • Jakarta is home to 142 museums.
    The most popular museums are Museum National (Museum Gajah), Museum Fatahillah, Puppet Museum, Museum Indonesia, Reptile & Komodo Museum, Museum Bank Indonesia, etc.
  • Masjid Istiqlal is the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia.
    It has 5 floors with a total capacity of over 200,000 worshipers. The mosque symbolize harmony in Indonesia because it is built in front of Jakarta Cathedral. The church open its gates to provide parking for Muslims to pray on Idul Fitri. The mosques also always ready to open its gates for church vehicles during Christmas other big events at the church. The architect of the mosque is Mr. Frederich Silaban, a Christian architect from North Sumatra.
  • Pasar Tanah Abang (Tanah Abang Market) is the biggest trading market in South East Asia for textiles and apparels product.
    The market is super busy, especially at Block A. Traffic is crowded. You have to start in the morning to visit this market to avoid bad traffic.
  • Parking attendant is everywhere.
    When you want to park, many times you will not see any parking guy. But when you want to go, he comes out of nowhere and say "terus" means continue, and directing you to the left or right side and hoping for small parking tip.
  • Thousand Islands, but has less than thousand islands.
    Thousand Islands is an administrative regency belongs to the Special Capital Region of Jakarta. If you see from its name, I guess you will think that this regency has a thousand islands, right? In fact, the regency has 110 islands. Few islands are being used for tourist spots, such as Bidadari Island, Onrust Island, Kotok Besar Island, Puteri Island, Matahari Island, Sepa Island, etc.
  • Online motorcycle taxi (Ojek) phenomenon.
    Online Ojek has become a top choice for people who want to go short distances and want to beat the traffic jam. The use is very simple, just install the application to your smartphone, then you can order an Ojek instantly and know the price before place an order. This motorcycle taxi is not only useful for transporting people, but can also be used to order food and deliver packages or documents. Two most popular Ojek online providers are Gojek and GrabBike.
  • Jakarta International Airport (named Soekarno-Hatta International Airport) is not located in Jakarta.
    Named after the first president Soekarno and vice-president Mohammad Hatta, the airport is located at Tangerang, capital city of Banten province, about 25 km northwest of Jakarta city center.
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about bogor

Bogor is a city and regency in West Java. The city is located about 60KM south of Jakarta. It is famous as Kota Hujan, means the City of Rain, because it has higher frequency of rainfall than other cities. Bogor was born on June 3th, 1482 on the day of the coronation of King Siliwangi as the king of the Kingdom Pajajaran. At that time, Bogor has name Pakuan and was the capital of the Kingdom. During the Dutch colonial period, it was named Buitenzorg, means “Without worries”. To escape the heat of Batavia (former name of Jakarta) in the hot summer season, Dutch Governor use Buitenzorg as summer capital. In the town, Dutch build a summer residence which is now become the Bogor Presidential Palace.

Bogor Presidential Palace

Bogor city has population about 1 million people on an area of 118.5 km2. The city is surrounded by the Bogor Regency with few mountain areas. The city and regency areas attracting lots of tourist. The main tourist attraction in the city is Bogor Botanic Gardens. It is the historic garden, the oldest, and the biggest botanic gardens in South East Asia. Located in the middle of the city, the gardens are the lungs of the city. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Going up to the slope of Mount Gede-Pangrango, there is a popular destination for tourists. It is Puncak area where you can visit Taman Safari Indonesia, tea hills, Cibodas Botanic Gardens, and other tourism places.

Few other facts about Bogor & Puncak

  • The meaning of the word 'Bogor' is enau tree (aren tree or arenga pinnata).
    It is a family of tropical palm tree native to Indonesia. Western people known it as sugar palm. In Sundanese history, enau tree has a high philosophical meaning as a tree that has many benefits for life. All parts of the enau tree have benefits for human life. Its roots can be used for woven materials. The wood stems are used as a building material for house walls, floor, and rafters. The leaves are commonly for the roof of traditional house. The leaf-bones can be used for brooms and baskets. The fibers can be made into durable rope. The seeds are used for the production of sweet meat (kolang-kaling). The sap of the flower can be made into healthy palm sugar.
  • Bogor is also known as City of A Million Angkot, but only has few thousands angkots.
    Angkot stands for Angkutan Kota, which means city transportation. Angkots carry citizen to places within a city or between districts in the regency. They usually have special color and special routes written on the front or back window of the unit. In Bogor, it is minivan with green and blue paint. From year to year, the number of angkot continues to decrease. It was totally there are around 5,000 angkot units recorded, but in 2018 it has shrunk to just 3,150 units. People interest in using angkot is decreasing because many people turn to use motorbike and online-based motorcycle taxi.
  • Puncak means peak.
    Puncak area is located on the highest area on the foot of Mount Gede-Pangrango and sit on two regencies: Bogor regency and Cianjur regency. The highest elevation of Puncak is about 1,500M.
  • Warung Kaleng, a famous Arab village in Puncak.
    Warung kaleng is located on KM 84 of Puncak road. It is famous as Arab village because there are many tourists and visitors from Middle East stay here every year. Along the street, there are many restaurants, minimarkets, shops and warung (warung is a local word for small restaurant and shop) feature signs in Arabic. Normally Arabian visitors are unable to speak Bahasa Indonesia and English. That's why local business owner and worker put Arabic languages as signs and learn Arabic to interact with those visitors. The area is named Warung Kaleng because there were many warungs covered with thin steel sheet for roofing. The steel sheet is the same sheet used as material for making drum or can (in local word it is called kaleng).
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Kawah Putih, Bandung

Bandung city is the capital of West Java province and the third biggest city by population in Indonesia, after Jakarta and Surabaya. The City has an area about 167.67 km2 where over 2.5 million people live inside it. The regency and metro area itself has 1,876.8 km2 of area. The city is located about 140 km from Jakarta and has elevation 768 m above the sea level with hills and mountains surrounding it. It has much cooler weather than Jakarta and has beautiful sceneries on the highlands. No wonder if Bandung become one of the most favorite tourism place in Indonesia after Bali and Yogyakarta.

Bandung Fun Facts

  • Bandung is known as Parijs van Java (Paris of Java) since Dutch era.
    The term Parijs van Java was popularized by Dutch traders during the Colonial period to popularize their merchandise such as fashion clothing and interior design. Visual arts and architecture were also grew rapidly, marked by the emergence of art deco-styled buildings in the city, especially on Braga street.
  • Savoy Homann Hotel is the first hotel in Bandung.
    The hotel was built by Homann family in 1871. In 1939, Albert Aalbers, a Dutch architect, redesigned the hotel in an art-deco style. Few famous people were noted have stayed at this hotel. They are Charlie Chaplin, Ho Chi Minh, Mary Pickford, President Soekarno, etc.
  • The first large-scale Asian-African Conference was held in Bandung.
    It took place on April 18–24, 1955. The conference was attended by government of 29 countries from Asian and African. Never before had leaders from many non-Western countries gathered together to discuss common challenges over Cold War tensions.
  • The first cinema in Indonesia was built in Bandung in 1926.
    At that time, the first film to be screened was Lutung Kasarung, a folklore tale from West Java. The moral story of Lutung Kasarung is similar to folklore Beauty and the Beast, from Europe. Todays, Bandung is still considered as big film industry in Indonesia. In 2006, the largest Cinema in Indonesia, Blitz Megaplex, was opened Bandung. It covers an area of 7000 m at Paris Van Java Mall. It has 9 wide screens, with a total of 2200 seats.
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About Java Island

Borobudur temple in Java

Java is the most populous island in the world, contains more than 141 million people or more than half of the indonesian population. The island is filled with many attractions, important cities, important history, and four UNESCO world heritage sites: Ujung Kulon National Park, Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and Sangiran Early Man Site.

Few Other Facts About Java

  • The island with the highest number of mountains in Indonesia is Java.
    With a length of one thousand kilometers, Java has about 112 volcanoes with 35 of them are active volcanoes. The volcanoes give many benefits to the land and people. They contribute to fertilize land, provide building materials, and attract tourists. All mountains and highlands are beautiful, but here are the few most beautiful: Bromo, Tangkuban Parahu (Lembang), White Crater, Ijen Crater, Papandayan, Krakatoa, Merapi, Pangrango (Puncak), and Dieng.
  • Monarchy in Java.
    In ancient time, before Dutch colonization, many kingdoms were established in Java such as the kingdom of Mataram, Majapahit, Singasari, etc. Now, there are only 4 kingdoms left. These kingdoms were Sultanate of Cirebon, Sultanate of Yogyakarta (Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat), Kasunanan Surakarta, and Kanoman Cirebon.
  • House of Ancient Temples.
    Temple is one of the Javanese kingdoms' heritage that is still remain. On the island of Java, there are more than 50 temples. The two biggest temples are Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple.
  • Batik is one of the traditional arts from Java.
    The word batik comes from the Javanese words "mba" and "tik" which means make point/dot, which later developed into the term "batik". Batik is a pictorial cloth made of wax. Initially batik was made on white cotton cloth called Mori cloth. But in modern time batik is made on other materials such as silk and polyester. Batik motifs are drawn using canting that emits liquid wax.
  • On 10th July 2018, Travel+Leisure (T+L) Magazine readers voted Java as The Best Island in the World.
    Every year for their World’s Best Awards survey, T+L asks readers to share their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more from all over the world. Readers rated islands according to their activities and sights, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness, and overall value. On their article, Why the Multifaceted Java Is a T+L Reader Favorite Destination, T+L revealed why Java become the best destination island in the world. T+L explained that Java is truly a diverse island offering great different experiences from a big metropolis city (Jakarta) until hidden paradise, Karimunjawa Island.
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