Meet Ankole-Watusi in Taman Safari

Taman Safari Indonesia has thousands of animals from all over the world. One of them is Ankole-Watusi, a big African bull with giant horns. The length of their horns can reach 2 meters. Even, Guinness World Records lists a bull named CT Woodie as the bull with the largest horn. The horn circumference of 103.5 cm (40.75 in) on 20 September 2004. The bull owned by Duane and Kolene Gilbert of Castle Dale, Utah, USA.

This kind of animal is easily noticed by its medium-sized red-colored body, with long, large-diameter horns. Wherever they appear in Taman Safari, they attract visitors because of their big horns. Their horns are used for defense and help regulate the internal temperature. The horns can cool down the body temperature when it gets overheated. They eat grass and leaves. You can also feed them carrots in Taman Safari, but be careful because the horn is dangerous, it can hit you or the vehicle you are in.

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