Top Activities in Gunung Mas Tea Estate, Puncak

Green scenery, fresh air, peaceful, and quite atmosphere are what you can expect from this place. It is Gunung Mas Tea Estate. It is also called Gunung Mas Tea Garden/Plantation. Here you will see the beautiful view of the tea plantation and do some activities. Unleashing the daily bustle by visiting this place is a very good idea. The tea trees grow very good on a fertile land that has an elevation of 800-1200 m above the sea level. The tea plantation covers an area about 2,500 hectares.

Location of Gunung Mas

This Gunung Mas agro-tourism park is a huge tea plantation area located in Puncak highland, about 30 kilometers from the Bogor city. It can be reached by using a motorcycle or car in approximately one hour in normal condition. If traffic is bad on holiday season, it can be reached in one and a half hours driving. It is easy to find the location. If you start from Jakarta or Bogor, you will see The entrance of Gunung Mas on the right side. The entrance of this place is marked with a giant tea bottle with local brand, Walini. It is one of famous tourist attraction near Jakarta. That is why every weekend, lots of Jakarta people visiting Puncak, including this Gunung Mas tea plantation complex. It can be done in a day tour from Jakarta.

Top 7 Activities You Can Do in Gunung Mas

I have created an infographic for you to know the list of top 7 activities you can do in Gunung Mas agrotourism park. You can download the infographic in full size here.

Top 7 activities in Gunung Mas Tea Plantation, Puncak

Here is the list of top 7 activities you can do in Gunung Mas:

1. Tea Walking Tour

There are some activities can be done at Gunung Mas Tea Estate. One of favorite activities is tea walking tour. You can explore the nature by walk on your foot. You can take some beautiful photos in the middle of tea plantation. If you do walk in the morning, you have a chance to see some tea pluckers working by picking tea leaves.

Walk through the plantation has many benefits. First, it strengthen your legs and lungs. Second, there are many things can be seen and explored. You can go down to small river, see cinnamon trees, visit banana farm, lemongrass farm, and many other plants.

Tea flowers and seeds
Harvested cinnamon
Lemongrass farm

2. Horse Riding

Do not want to walk? You can ride horse then. There are many horses and horsemen waiting for visitors near the entrance. You do not need to be an expert rider to ride it. There is a handler for each horse ridden. The horses are also usual to bring visitors to walk around, so it os quite safe for every first rider.

Before ride the horse, ask the horseman first about the rate. The rates can vary depend how long you want to take. It can be in 30 minutes, one hour, or more. It can be also charged depend on the distance like 5 km etc.

3. Taste the Different Types of Tea

After walk around, you can take a rest at a local tea cafe or shop and drink some tea. There are few types of tea you can taste: black tea, olong tea, jasmine tea, green tea, and white tea. Each tea has each favor and each way to produce. The most expensive tea is the white tea. It is made of unprocessed tea buds. The buds were picked before they bloom. The buds then are withered and dried naturally using sun light. Before drying them, they can be also steamed to kill the enzyme.

4. Visit Honey Bee Farm

Visit local beekeepings that produce forest honey and farm honey. Each type of honey has different taste. The farm honey is yellow and has sweet flavor, while forest honey is dark and has bitter-sweet flavor.

5. ATV, Boogie, Or Off-Road Car

ATV is a motorcycle with four wheels. You can travel around the Gunung Mas Agrotourism area via footpath that car cannot reach. You can also hire a local off-road 4WD car to sightsee.

6. Camping or Staying In A Villa

Camping is a popular activity among students. They can bring and set up their own tents on the camping ground. For you who do not want to get busy setting up the tent, you can rent a nice wooden villa surrounded by tea plantation. One villa is normally has minimum two bedrooms. There are few diferent types of villas you can choose. The price starts from IDR 500K/night.

7. Visit Tea Factory Museum

The tea factory in Gunung Mas is not operational anymore. They moved the tea production to another factory in Bandung. The building that factory used is remain the same but it becomes a museum that keep old unused machines and provide a tea gallery inside. The gallery is a small shop selling various types of tea under the brand: Walini, and Goalpara. Goalpara is another tea plantation located in Sukabumi regency, West Java.

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