A Japanese Man Impressed with the Cleanliness of Soekarno Hatta International Airport

Noriyuki Nakamura wrote a letter on a paper about what he saw at the Indonesian biggest airport located about 25 Km west of central Jakarta. The name of the airport is Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

The airport has 3 terminals. Terminal 1 is used for cargo and domestic flight. Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 are used for both international and domestic flights. The airport is growing and developing some facilities. The cleanliness of the airport is also got attention from the management. That is why the airport is now clean and visitors are happy with this condition. One visitor was impressed about this cleanliness and wrote a letter on a paper for the manager. He is Noriyuki Nakamura, from Japan. He wrote:

Dear manager,

I’m Noriyuki Nakamura. This is the second time visit to your airport. It is so clean! Cleaning staffs are so amazing!

Early this morning, I was watching a young lady brushing a large carpet very carefully. I know she was doing her job as a routine. However, I was so struck by the way she wiped the trash box. The top of the box was made of steel. It was heavy. She wiped the steel lid inside and outside. She also checked to see if there was no strange sound from the opening of lid. Nobody in Japan can do the same thing as she. I wonder if she has the special training.

It is true your airport is very big. There are ao many things to see. But I think your workers muat be quite a message for us –> “Always be clean and friendly.”

You should be highly proud of your workers as the best asset.

Date: 2019, 12-30
(Jakart -> HK -> Japan)

A written letter from Noriyuki Nakamura to Soekarno Hatta International Airport Manager

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