Best large MPVs in Indonesia

If you need a car for more passengers and bags, the MPV van is the best choice. Whether you want to do a business trip, vacation, or playing Golf in Jakarta and surrounding areas, big MPV will give you a flexibility that small cars and SUVs don’t have. Now we can see a lot of cars on the road, so it can be hard to decide what to take. That is why we bring you the list of the 10 best large MPVs in Indonesia.

1. Toyota Alphard

This huge, luxury MPV will fulfil all your expectations what you may have for you minivan vehicle. This is a must-have spacious car for rich people in Indonesia. With spacious cabin and leg room, you will be able to bring with you anyone you want and all that in luxury design and great performances. You will feel like a king in it. It is comfortable inside and it also perfectly nice fit to the road. This is a vehicle made in three generation, so anyone is able to have one of this solid vehicles. It gets a five star grade about security as well.

If you have a smaller budget, you can use Toyota Vellfire. Vellfire offers the same features with cheaper price. I do not listed Vellfire here because it is the cheaper version of Alphard.

2. Nissan Serena

Mpv with automatic sliding doors is helpful for a family who has small kids or children. By using the latest technology, Nissan Serena is going further with his foot sensor. You can simply open the door using your foot by move it below the door handle. It is very helpful if your hands are holding bags or bringing your child.

This 5-door MPV come with great performances, 150 ps horsepower at 6000rpm. It is a great car for daily use in the city as well as touring out of the city. It is not as huge as many other minivans so it is perfect for crowded town. Through its productions is passed few changes what make its features better. It is great for long as for short drives as well. The head-room and leg-room are spacious, good to bring children and adult passengers. Features: electric sliding doors, retractable food tables with bottle holders, DVD player, camera parking, flexible seat arrangement, etc.

3. Toyota Innova

One more model of Toyota finds its place on our list of 10 best MPV in Indonesia. Kijang innova is official name in Indonesia. It is compact MPV what will make you feel like you drive in lot expensive car. It has great performances, below Nissan Serena. All models have a multi-information display, parking camera, driving mode selector, triple blower AC, steering-mounted audio control and many more great features what will make your drive comfortable and classy.

People in Indonesia know that fuel consumption of Innova is not good. Need an economic fuel consumption Innova? Choose the diesel option.

4. Toyota Voxy

Toyota VoxyIt has great performances as 7 seats, air condition, and power steering. This car has a powerful engine, beautiful design, great and comfortable interior what you will enjoy while you driving it. It fit smooth on the road and you will not have a lot of things to argue about the quality of this MPV.

This car has two automatic sliding doors with low doorstep. So children and elderly family members can step easily into the car.

5. Mazda Biante

Mazda Biante has power sliding doors with safety touch sensor. An advanced keyless entry system provides you a hands-free operations. It has enough storage spaces for small items what lets that the cabin that all passengers feel comfortable. Mazda Biante has an ion generator to neutralize bacteria and smells, while an anti-allergenic filter removes allergens and viruses to keep the cabin atmosphere clean and fresh,

6. Mitsubishi Delica

What was originally based on small pick-up trucks, today become an MPV with wonderful performances. It has a special and different design than many other MPVs, someone like it, someone doesn’t, but enough about quality tells that all 5 generations of this MPV stuck on all markets till today.

7. Hyundai H-1

Hyundai H-1 This car is available in different model. The most advanced model is Hyundai H-1 Royale. The exterior design of this MPV provides the ideal comfort for modern traveling. It also offers driving dynamics in style. It is also possible to expand your seat capacity until max 12 seat or to remove them for use for smaller amount of passengers or different purposes.

8. Nissan Elgrand

It is full-size luxury Nissan model. It is available in three development. It has a beautiful design and comfortable interior. It has great performances for the safety of passengers, and driver. It has luxury features what will blow your mind, you will have the feeling as you driving a spaceship. This car with great features is deserved on a list of 10 the best MPV in Indonesia.

9. Mazda 8

This is one of the rare MPV with sports performances. It is the totally new style for MPV vehicles what will really change our look on family minivans. It is not just a family car, it is a car what will take you into adventures. Except for wonderful exterior it has a beautiful and comfortable interior, it fit great on a road and it features will satisfy even those who are really hard to impress.

10. Honda Odyssey

With smooth, slide doors, this car gives you an impression of much more expensive MPV. With four models, it price is affordable for anyone. This car has a great feature as: Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™), Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM) and much more.

Hope that this list of the top 10 MPV in Indonesia will help you to choose your favorite, to have great & comfortable driving moments, and have great holiday or vacation while in Indonesia.

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