5 Characteristics of Good Drivers

Are you looking for a good driver? Or wandered that you are a good driver? Whatever the question, it is good to know the characteristics of good drivers. Knowing it will help you choose the right driver for you or improve yourself if you are a driver. Punctual Don’t let your time gone, because waiting … [Read more…]

Rhododendron Mucronatum in Cibodas Botanic Gardens

Cibodas Botanic Gardens collecting many plants and flowers species. One of beautiful flowers you can see at the gardens is Rhododendron. Rhododendron is a genus of thousands species of woody plants in the heath family and found mainly in Asia. The word Rhododendron comes from the greek words: “rodon” means “rose” and “dendron” means “tree”, … [Read more…]

Intelligent Architecture of Rumah Gadang, A Traditional House from West Sumatra

One of the most popular pavilion in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta, is West Sumatra Province. This pavilion showcase a big and beautiful traditional home of Minangkabau ethnic, named Rumah Gadang, means big house. In West Sumatra, it has also name Rumah Bagonjong, means spired roof house. Minangkabau people live on highland of West Sumatra, … [Read more…]

Meet Ankole-Watusi in Taman Safari

Taman Safari Indonesia has thousands of animals from all over the world. One of them is Ankole-Watusi, a big African bull with giant horns. The length of their horns can reach 2 meters. Even, Guinness World Records lists a bull named CT Woodie as the bull with the largest horn. The horn circumference of 103.5 … [Read more…]