How to Feed Birds in Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor collects many type of birds at their park. They have some birds of prey at some cage. They have also many type of friendly birds inside the Bird Aviary. The birds inside the aviary are very attractive, beautiful, and colorful. Visitors can interact with them.

This open air aviary is a giant living space for birds. The aviary was refurbished and was inaugurated on December 9th, 2003 by SEAZA (South East Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association) President, Mr Pisit na Patalung. There are about a thousand birds live here. The design looks like in the middle of a jungle with some trees, waterfall, cave, and ponds inside. The birds can fly freely inside.

The Birds Aviary is located near Parking A of Recreational Park. It is very easy to be reached. After you finish your Safari Journey by car or Safari Bus, you’ll arrive at Recreational Park. The first parking area of the recreational park is Parking A. From this car parking, you can walk to the Bird Aviary. The entrance is located behind Cafe Onta Bread & Bakery, next to Baby Zoo. The entrance is easily noticeable because of its unique Orangutan statue.

This is Baby Zoo and Bird Aviary entrance. Go in and walk through below the sculpture to visit the aviary. Turn right if you want to visit Baby Zoo.

The entrance is free. Just walk in through the path and see many colorful birds flying and singing around you. Until reach top, you can purchase some bird’s fruits and food for feeding the bird. Wash your hands before and after you feed the birds. Now, it’s time for hand-feeding birds!

After getting the food, hold the food container in your hand. If you do not use any container, just open the hand and let the birds know it. Some birds, normally parrots and julang mas will fly, then land on your arm and shoulders. Even, a bird will land also on your head. Don’t be panic, he feel comfortable with you, and want the food.

Enjoy as much as you can. If the food is run out, you can purchase it again and start doing the same hand feeding. Don’t forget to follow the aviary’s guard instructions. Wash your hands after finish.

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