5 Characteristics of Good Drivers

Are you looking for a good driver? Or wandered that you are a good driver? Whatever the question, it is good to know the characteristics of good drivers. Knowing it will help you choose the right driver for you or improve yourself if you are a driver.


Don’t let your time gone, because waiting for your driver arrived at your location. A good driver will start earlier from their station or home than estimated time arrival. Look out for drivers who have a reputation for being reliable and punctual. Don’t forget to make appointment before, so the driver can prepare everything to come to pick up you right on time.

Able to communicate easily

Good communication is a must between you and the driver. The driver must understand the destination you are looking to go. In Jakarta, not many people can speak English. It is hard to find a driver who can speak English. You can hire us to get an English speaking driver.

Drive safely

Driving safely should always be your driver’s top concern. He should focus on driving, know the rule, don’t drink alcohol, be aware of other drivers on the road around you, etc.


Big cities, like Jakarta, is full of traffic, road construction, road’s rules, etc. Drive car on such area can make people in stressful. Impatient driver will drive aggressively, make bad decision, and make passengers in risky situation.


A study revealed that a driver with good education significantly reduces traffic violations and accidents. Driver with good education can make a good decision, know the area well, and able to help you find what you are looking for. Good education doesn’t mean that the driver must has high academic degree. Good education means he knows well about driving, areas, and has years of experiences.

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