Cantigi Tree, A Beautiful Strong Tree Which Lives on Crater Areas

Cantigi tree have thick but small leaves. The colors of the leaves are green, red and purple. The stems color is brownish red. The fruit is black and round like a berry. This plant is also known as Manisrejo in Central Java and Suwagi in West Java. This plant can be found in the whole island of Java at an altitude between 1500-3300 meters above sea level. It is also known that another type of this tree can live in rocky beach areas.

The tree is strong because can resist various bad weather. It can resist the sulfur fumes and toxic crater soil. This tree also has very strong roots to hold on when climbing and can be made to shelter during storms at the top of the mountain.

Cantigi leaves are edible. When climbers get lost in the jungle, they can consume the leaves and fruit. Beside, the boiled water with leaves inside is very useful to treat stomach.

Cantigi tree is very useful to produce oxygen at the top of the mountains and prevent landslide. An erupted mountain can be restored by replanting cantigi tree. An empty land at the mountainous areas can also be green, by planting these plants.

Undoubtedly, for mount climbers, Cantigi tree is not as popular as Edelweiss flower, but it has many uses and functions for people and environment.

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