Tips to Get an Awesome Amusement Park Experience in Java

  1. Avoid peak times. Weekday is best. If you don’t have a choice to visit on weekend or holiday, don’t come at opening time. Usually lots of people waiting for the gate to be opened causing long queue. In Trans Studio Bandung, you can outsmart the lines by purchasing VIP tickets.
  2. Bring water from your home, but buy hot foods at the park.
  3. Don’t forget to put sunscreen especially in the outdoor theme park like Ancol or Dunia Fantasy
  4. Plan for the worst. If a park full of people, it’s easy to lose track of your family, so make sure each personnel has a way to contact you in case of separation.
  5. Look for a discount. For example, if you want to stay in Bogor and want go to Taman Safari, you stay in Royal Safari Garden hotel and get some discount.
  6. Take your time to see around, see the map, and know the show time.

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