Tips to Get A Successful Tour in Bogor

If you decided an independent Bogor tour without a tour agency, you have a lot to consider. Here are the tips to be considered.

When and where to go

Bogor is a good area in West Java with good climates. In hot season, it is not as hot as in Jakarta. In rain season, there would be rain everyday but there is no extreme climate. Bogor’s elevation is more than 200M above the sea level. While in Puncak, the elevation is more than 1,000M. So you will feel cooler in Puncak. But don’t worry, it is not as cool as in Europe in the winter and you don’t need any jacket. Just bring an umbrella or a raincoat if you want to visit Puncak. You will also get an unforgettable moment by visiting Taman Safari, the best safari zoo in the world. Before you arrived at the safari park, there are lots of people selling carrot and banana. You can buy some carrot and banana to feed animals while in the safari.

All the year is the best time to visit Bogor and surroundings area including Puncak. The only one problem is the traffic. Traffic is usually bad on weekend and holiday season. It is recommended to visit Bogor on weekday.

How and what to book

The majority of midrange and upmarket travelers prefer to get all the hard work down by booking through travel agents or travel companies before arriving in Indonesia. But as for independent travelers or backpackers, this means you will cost more money and you have less freedom. Most independent travelers choose hotel via online hotel booking which is very easy to book and choose a hotel you really want. After you got the room, then book a local guide and/or driver with car rental. Then everything is done. Just buy tickets to Jakarta and make appointment with the booked driver to pick up you from the airport.

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