AmazonBasics Automatic Travel Umbrella Review

An umbrella is an absolute necessity that helps you stay prepared for the rains. From erratic spring showers to the more intense storms, an umbrella protects you from the pouring rain and helps keep you dry. However, if you do not possess one and are looking to get the best umbrella, buy AmazonBasics automatic travel umbrella.



  • Durable construction: With a durable steel construction and 100% waterproof, reliable polyester, this sturdy, yet lightweight umbrella is built to last for many years.
  • Open/close push button: This feature helps open and close the umbrella’s canopy with the simple touch of a button. After the canopy collapses, the upright support can be pulled down into the locked position.
  • Soft grips handle: The soft, secure handle of the umbrella ensures a comfortable hold at all times.
Equipped with a soft handle with a push button. Push the button to open the canopy; push once again to close it.
Equipped with a soft handle with a push button. Push the button to open the canopy; push once again the button to close it.


  • Storage Sleeve: Equipped with a slip- on sleeve, this automatic travel umbrella helps store the umbrella neatly. The sleeve not only fits securely around the umbrella when in a closed position, but also lifts easily when it is time to venture outside.
  • Hands–free carrying: When the rain subsides, the wrist strap located at the end of the handle allows hands- free carrying.
  • Perfect size: This full-size umbrella measures 11 inches (27.9cm) in length and provides sufficient coverage when open, but fully closed. The compact size makes this umbrella a perfect choice for any on-the-go traveler.


  • Wind Resistant: Although made of durable construction, the umbrella tends to invert inside out on a very windy day. But don’t worry, AmazonBasics provide another type of umbrella with wind vent to help keep shape during wind gusts and prevent the umbrella from inverting when the wind kicks up.

A useful addition to any backpack, travel bag or briefcase, the AmazonBasics automatic travel umbrella makes a great take – along companion that helps you stay away from getting drenched in the rains.

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