A Visit to Grosir Setono, A Batik Market in Pekalongan City, Central Java

Pekalongan city is located on the north-coast of Central Java. It takes about 6 hours driving from Jakarta. In the city there are many batik makers. That is why the city is well-known as Batik city. Lots of batiks were produced daily because lots of demand from other areas in Indonesia, including Jakarta. In Jakarta you can find Batik Pekalongan in ITC Cempaka Mas, Thamrin City, and Sarinah Dept. Store. Getting batiks from the source is better for people who want to sell them in their shops, as they will get better prices and lots of choice. One of batiks source that you can expect for its good price, wide variation, and good quality is Grosir Setono. See the video above to know more about the market.

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