Tips on Visiting Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia is a famous wildlife park in Indonesia as well as abroad. The park provide an adventurous journey for visitors. If you want to visit the Safari park, follow these tips.

  1. Want to avoid jam? Visit Taman Safari on weekdays and non-holidays. It saves your time and money.
  2. Prepare yourself & your equipment. Bring what you need, but leave the others in your home or hotel. Some foods, drinks, camera, & mobile phone are typically what you need to bring. If you are going to swim at the water-park, don’t forget to take your swimsuit. If you have a child, don’t forget his/her milk, bottle, and change of clothes. Make sure you do not miss anything you need before you go.
  3. If you have a KITAS card (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas/tetap; it is a semi-permanent stay card for students, workers, business people, etc. in Indonesia), bring it & show it to the gate staff, so you will get a domestic price. Domestic price is much more cheaper than foreign price.
  4. On the way before you reach Taman Safari’s main gate, you will see some people selling carrots. If you want to feed the animals in the zoo, then you need to buy some carrots. The price is cheap enough. With only Rp. 10,000, you can get a few bunches of carrots.
  5. After buying a ticket, do not put the ticket in your pocket immediately. Open it, and you will find a schedule of special events, map, & other valuable information.
  6. When feeding the animals, stick the carrot out of the window, so they can eat the foods at the outside of the car.
  7. Be careful & follow the rule. In some area, especially in the beast animals areas, we are prohibited to open the car’s window. They can hurt you accidentally if you open the window.
  8. Accompany your children wisely. In the amusement park, they can play a lot of games and may forget you, so make sure they play the games safely & you do not lose them.

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