15 Best Pictures of Bogor City and Puncak

Bogor city is located in the center of Bogor regency and 50 km south of Jakarta. The city & regency is wellknown as tourism spot, mountain resorts, and the Rain City. In the Dutch colonial period, Dutchgovernment used Bogor as their residential place because it has green atmosphere and has cooler climate than Jakarta. That’s why the Dutch named the area Buitenzorg, means “no worry” or “carefree”.

Bogor Presidential Palace

Bogor Presidential Palace

pretty eyes

A Deer in the Palace Ground

Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Gardens

Beautiful Root

Rice Barn

Rice barns at Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang.

Andalusia Mosque

Andalusia Mosque

Pura Jagatkartta, Bogor

Pura Jagatkarta on the Slope of Mount Salak

Bogor After Midnight

Bogor Street Market

Puncak Highland

Puncak Highland

Theeplukkers Puncak-pas

Tea Pickers on Puncak

Paragliding, Puncak, Bogor, Indonesia CIMG2767.1


Winding Road at Puncak Bogor

Winding Road at Puncak at Night

0921 Taman Safari - Bogor, Indonesia

Two Tigers in Taman Safari

Tiger Feeding Time at Taman Safari

Several Penguins in Their Pool

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