Top 7 Recommended Hotels in Jakarta

1. Raffles Jakarta A new hotel (launched in 2014) attached to Ciputra World One superblock his is include office center, art gallery, and Lotte shopping avenue. You will get high quality facilities if you stay here, such as fitness center, spa & sauna, outdoor pool, children’s playground, kids club, kids pool , etc. 2. Hotel … [Read more…]

5 Best Hotels in Puncak Area, Bogor

When holiday come, people from Jakarta and around the city love to spend their time in Puncak area and reserve hotels in there. Puncak area is well-known for its fresh air, that’s why lots of people choose this area to relieve their stress after working on weekday. Here we provide 5 best hotels in Puncak … [Read more…]

6 Presidential Palaces in Indonesia

Totally there are 6 Presidential Palaces in Indonesia. These palaces have many historical value and were built for certain reasons in the past. These palaces, however, are still used until now by the current Indonesian president. Here we give you some explanations for each of them. Istana Negara Istana Negara or the State Palace is … [Read more…]

3 Best Shopping Malls in Bandung City

Bandung is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are so many local tourists and foreigners that came to Bandung to spend their holidays. You could find so many tourist attractions in this city. There are also several shopping centers that you can visit while you spend your vacation in … [Read more…]

5 Best Museums in Jakarta

Want to learn about Indonesia while spending your holiday to be more meaningful with low cost? Museums in Jakarta are the best option. Jakarta, the center of government and economy in Indonesia, is filled with many museums. There are over 50 museums around the city. If you cannot visit all of the museums, you can … [Read more…]

Tips to Drive Safely in the Rain Season

Indonesia has two seasons only: hot/summer/dry season and rain season. Usually there are no lots of problems when driving in summer season. But when the rain season is coming, we need to prepare everything because sometimes we will got heavy rain, flood, slippery, windy, etc. Here’s what we can do to keep safe when we’re … [Read more…]