3 Best Shopping Malls in Bandung City

Bandung is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are so many local tourists and foreigners that came to Bandung to spend their holidays. You could find so many tourist attractions in this city. There are also several shopping centers that you can visit while you spend your vacation in Bandung as well. One of the best shopping malls that you can visit in Bandung is Paris Van Java Mall.

Paris Van Java Mall

Island booths at Paris van Java
You can reach this mall only in few minute drives from Pasteur Toll. This mall has open air architecture style. All of the facilities and shops are built to resemble European style. There are many cafes and restaurants lined neatly with green plants surroundings. There are also various facilities that you can find in this mall from grocery store, book store, theater, sushi counter, even ice skating rink. Two big department stores in the mall are Sogo Department Store and Carrefour.

Paris Van Java

Trans Studio Mall

trans studio mall
Besides Paris Van Java Mall, other popular mall that you can visit in Bandung is Trans Studio Mall. This mall has more than 200 retail outlets and considered as one of the most sophisticated malls in Bandung. You can find various goods that are sold in this mall from clothing, shoes, cosmetic products, electronic products, even kitchen appliances. Trans Studio Mall is a perfect place for those of you who want to spend your time with your family. This mall also provides various food courts where you can find various choices of delicious foods and beverages. This mall can be reached easily from Pasteur Toll or Buah Batu Toll. It is located on the same block with Trans Studio indoor theme park, Trans Luxury hotel, and Ibis hotel.

Trans Studio Mall

Cihampelas Walk

ciwalk bandung
Other popular shopping center that you can visit while you spend your vacation in Bandung is Cihampelas Walk. This mall has been established since 2004 and considered as one of the most luxurious shopping centers in Bandung. You also can find famous hotel in this area as well. Spending night in this area will be one of the most memorable experiences that you can get in Bandung. During the night, Cihampelas area will look so beautiful with attractive decorative lightings that are hanged on the trees across the street.

KFC Cihampelas Mall - Bandung (Java - Indonesia)
Cihampelas walk at dusk

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